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23.08.2019 05:26

Scoliosis - ahh fun topic. Lots of people these days seem to have it + lots of you ask me about mine, so let’s talk about it. But with a new twist. _ This video perfectly captures my 24/7 struggle of staying “straight”. (Disclaimer - I awkwardly pause for ages in this video🙈 cuz I was planning to take screenshots for a photo but then this moment happened & I thought it was a good opportunity to address this topic.) Watch the video & see how at first my side dents in & then I noticed that in the camera & corrected it. The fact is I have to be mindful of my posture 24/7. It’s a struggle sometimes for sure. But you know what it’s ok. I used to hate the fact I had a curve cuz it made me look “not right” & especially when competing it made me super self-conscious. But that’s cuz I viewed my curve as a negative & something to hide since it made me different & my shape imperfect. But ya know what it’s ok to be imperfect & it’s ok to be different. Furthermore, it’s ok to work to improve yourself for the sake of your health - mental or physical. I will forever work my ass off to help lessen the severity of my curve BUT not cuz of how others might perceive me but cuz I know for my health it is important. _ Also, I now view my imperfect spine as a good daily reminder that perfection isn’t REAL so I’ll never try to portray a perfect me, perfect life or perfect anything. Nor will I ever unfairly expect perfection from anyone in my life. Yes, we all should strive to be the BEST version of US but we need to accept our imperfections & acknowledge our faults/shortcomings. Cuz if we don’t make that first step we will never help ourselves or others. If I tried to pretend my back was straight I would never have started the journey of helping it via weight training - doesn’t mean I have to feel less than cuz of it but it’s in my best interest to accept & work to improve this imperfection of mine. Now take that and apply it to other topics in life! Don’t buy into the💩trend society is selling right now that if you aren’t “perfect” in some way just stay there cuz you’re “being you”. Nah, be stronger than that. Don’t settle. Accept your flaws & then grow from there!

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07.02.2020 04:50

I love this

07.02.2020 04:50

Owsm your boobs

07.02.2020 04:50

Love this!!!!!!!!!

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gotta love a chick who pulls her own hair.

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Really beautiful boobs

13.09.2019 19:25

@oliviarenee_fit well said. My dad had scoliosis but I didn't know until much later in his life. He ran track and I don't think he let it affect him much as far as what he did or attempted. Made me realize some things We are more than the sum of our parts. We chose what defines us. Wither it's our flaws, our limitations, our weaknesses, or our strengths, our determination, our courage. Much of what we are is shaped by who we see ourselves as and what we do with the road blocks that life throws at us. All of us have challenges, obsticles to overcome, or be limited by. The fact that you do not let a genetic disadvantage hold you back or limit you is proof that self perception is our biggest limitation. There are so many people I admire, who have overcome or not allowed themselves to be limited by physical or mental abnormalities. You guys are so inspiring to me. I truly hope that when you look in the mirror you see what I do, someone who defines themselves not by weaknesses or imperfections, but by who they are, and who they want to be. I think we all struggle with who we see in the mirror, but you are willing to put in the effort it takes to sculpt the person in the mirror into what you want, that is beautiful.

12.09.2019 21:15

Here are my tits but let’s “talk” about my curved spine on the back side. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #moretitsmorefollowers

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10.09.2019 05:43

Too gorgeous 🙏🏾😍🙏🏾

08.09.2019 17:26

I don’t remember any society puting any food on my table If i didn’t...So,be yourself ,embrace your akwardeness because it gives you character 💪💪💪

07.09.2019 20:07

Don't fart !!??

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