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21.12.2019 15:24

/// #SainteChapelle Sainte Chapelle || Paris, France . . The stained glass windows of Sainte Chapelle depict over 1000 scenes from the Old and New Testament! . Tips /// . Sainte Chapelle was one of the main locations we wanted to visit despite not having heard much about it from other people we knew who visited. It seems as though it was often dwarfed by the nearby Notre Dame Cathedral due to it being much smaller and more hidden. However, it has a history just as rich and is nearly 800 years old as well. For many years Sainte Chapelle housed some of King Louis IX’s prized religious artifacts. This included Jesus’ Crown of Thorns and the Image of Edessa. It is located around 3-5 minutes from Notre Dame and is connected to the Conciergerie, a former prison and current government building. To enter the cost for an adult is around 11 USD per person and 16 USD for entrance to the Conciergerie as well. Once inside you will need to go up a tiny staircase to get to the actual room with the stained glass windows. It is a small room with large towering glass windows and cannot fit very many people. We went around midday and didn’t have too many problems with being crammed. We were also fortunate to go when it was sunny which made the windows stand out even more. If you’re planning on going make sure to go on a sunny day so that there is plenty of sunlight to get the best view of the stained glass. It can easily be looped together into a half day trip to see Notre Dame and Lovers Bridge as well which is what we did. This is a must see that will likely have many more visitors now that Notre Dame is under construction so be sure to plan ahead! . . #topeuropephoto #parisienne #parisianlife #parislife #pariscartepostale #france #igersparis #igersfrance #loves_france_ #loves_paris #instaparis #parismaville #parismonamour #visitparis #iloveparis #parisfrance #toureiffel #ig_paris #parisjetaime #topparisphoto #ig_france #visitfrance #france_focus_on #visitlafrance #jaimelafrance #thisisparis #hello_france #super_france #topfrancephoto

Paris, France


Great windows😀

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