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23.08.2019 06:20

SHOUTOUT to @theerealmowgli For This INTENSE ass CORE workout😭🔥💪🏾 - 1️⃣Hanging 90 degree Knee Raises-(hold one leg up, && with other leg do knee to chest with kettle ball. If too difficult try without kettle ball)🔥 2️⃣Knee To Chest-(our medicine ball in between legs && do knee to chest stretching out as far as possible && closing the gap as much as possible) 3️⃣Push up/knee to elbow with cable/bosu ball-(bring right knee to left elbow, if to challenging try without bosu ball) - #coreworkout #core #abs #shredded #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #hardwork #dedication #motivation #focus #staystrong #humble #personaltrainer #summer2019🌴 #explorepage #striveforgreatness 🚀




Wish I was down there so you could train me. 😔

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23.08.2019 09:18

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