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04.09.2019 20:36

A group of designers led by Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha took second prize at the Association of Siamese Architects International Design Competition for a concept to create icebergs by refreezing Arctic sea water. Tasked with developing radical, unanticipated, transformative or “uncanny” ideas for sustainable architecture, Kotahatuhaha’s team took on the challenge of combating the impacts of climate change in the vulnerable Arctic region through geoengineering. Questions over the idea’s feasibility, scale and ability to operate without the power of fossil fuels must surely be answered before a project like this can be realized. Furthermore, regardless of how effective geoengineering can be, it, in itself, is a reactionary response when the root problem is excessive greenhouse-gas emissions. We look forward to seeing how Kotahatuhaha can further develop these ideas. . . . . . #associationofsiamesearchitects #kotahatuhaha #geoengineering #refreezethearctic #arctic #climatechange #globalwarming #submarine #submarines #conceptdesign #animation #rendering #architecture #instarchitecture



14.11.2019 06:16

I’m sure the residents will be shocked by this.

08.10.2019 01:33

Don’t you know that cooling machines put off heat and use electricity thereby greenhouse gases? Um. Yeah

05.10.2019 00:50

Futurama already did this

04.10.2019 19:10


02.10.2019 17:02

It's sweet heart mine but you don't known why to go it to be to.

01.10.2019 23:48

Need to get the food to go to stonewater

01.10.2019 23:45


27.09.2019 19:24

Ermosa. Foto😍👏🙌🙌😢

24.09.2019 05:59

@gabrielbrouillette c'était pas un épisode de Futurama ça ?

17.09.2019 00:31

They're not creating water out of thin air..

16.09.2019 19:35

Titanic 2 is set to sail again

15.09.2019 12:28


13.09.2019 14:37

Swore i seen this shit on futurama

13.09.2019 00:49

@fidar.architecture Exterior Design Interior design Revit architecture🔥 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 @fidar.architecture

12.09.2019 00:25

Watch the government kill them

11.09.2019 16:31

Isn’t this gonna melt?

10.09.2019 23:33

Do you know the backside of the fridge is hot. so how to make sure the iceberg not melting?

07.09.2019 18:27


07.09.2019 10:17

They're just gonna melt again. It's not gonna solve the problem of weather at all. All that's going to happen is more will be created because more will melt and then more countries will flood

06.09.2019 20:46

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