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Jeden deň. Dva protesty. Klimatický štrajk. Za slušné Slovensko. Námestie... more

20.09.2019 20:32

Climate strike! Let's do all that we can not to bury our future. Thank you for... more

20.09.2019 16:17

Some days you dont see the long hoizons. You just know they are there. You feel... more

20.09.2019 00:36

Dear darkness, dear, wont you cover cover me again, sings PJ Harvey. Yesterday... more

19.09.2019 08:09

Dnes ste počúvali @zivemesto? Pre mňa najviac zarezonovalo to, že stromy sú... more

17.09.2019 00:05

Repost from @dobry_trh! It was literally heated discussion on suburbanisation a... more

15.09.2019 18:58

Shared Cities: Creative Momentum Atlas is published! Happy for editor @helenahou... more

15.09.2019 18:45

Spevácky zbor Radana z Plaveckého Štvrtku otvárajú festival Fjúžn. Super... more

13.09.2019 19:40

Variations. Purely visual pleasure. No thinking attached #mwalker #bratislava #s... more

13.09.2019 00:21

Do Cvernovky pribudol tento re-use, re-cycle/up-cycle asfalt, suťo pŕistrešok... more

12.09.2019 13:00

Here, quietly observing city below, as the moon ascends. Oh, what pleasures you... more

10.09.2019 20:31

Feeling like you don't fit? Make yourself. This program works for people with al... more

08.09.2019 22:28

Today my youngest sister got assigned into her student dormitory. I feel beauty... more

08.09.2019 17:59

The other day I read the article on how Chinese want to rule elements by buildin... more

08.09.2019 01:12

Keď sa tak pozerám do parčíka pred domom, je mi strašne smutno vidieť tie... more

07.09.2019 16:11

06.09.2019 08:33

Dnes v parku pred domom všetci vylezení na kopčeku. Zasmiala som sa - pripome... more

05.09.2019 23:39

Still could be Japan, no? Pattern over a city of low-skyline. One of faces, dear... more

04.09.2019 18:04

Počúvali ste dnes @zivemesto? Zbehlo to rýchlo a akčne o suburbanizácii s M... more

02.09.2019 23:30

Skies about the city. A little apocalyptic but calming too. I had the luxury to... more

02.09.2019 17:39

FRANCIS SCOTT KEY... look at the side eye he is giving! From the grave he was ju... more

02.09.2019 01:20

01.09.2019 14:46

An apparition seen on a mountain by shepherd boys founds a cathedral rectory and... more

31.08.2019 22:58

When I was a child I was free to be out in the city until street lamps turned on... more

31.08.2019 20:56

Palava. My happy place. Whenever I travel Prague-Bratislava even if I sleep, I i... more

30.08.2019 20:20

Vďaka @sharedcities @gi_tschechien a @prague_cm za prefektné publikum dnes rá... more

30.08.2019 11:56

Aren't we a little kitchy? Ok, but who could say no to crossing a river after a... more

30.08.2019 00:57

Traveling to Prague for tomorrow's talk about justice in cities. Listening to de... more

29.08.2019 20:18

Poplar trees are not among trees equipped with longevity. This fella has seen a... more

29.08.2019 14:13

Sun and steamy climate make me exhausted these days. I work in different pattern... more

29.08.2019 00:52

Japanese saloon. Why do they fascinate us so much? Is it because of love for cra... more

28.08.2019 00:52

Storm caption. Steal sky on yellow fields. Magnetic and calm. Despite of the dir... more

25.08.2019 12:11

Rožňavská stanica. V prázdnej budove sme celkom sami. Mám pocit akoby sme b... more

25.08.2019 07:06

Riečka, graffiti, randenie. V slovenčine, maďarčine, rómštine. Rožňava.... more

24.08.2019 19:40

Rožňava. Niečo malebné a spústa nanosov force brute. Pomalé tempo. #mwalke... more

24.08.2019 19:34

You fade away slowly. I doubt that you ever will completely. Some days I miss yo... more

23.08.2019 23:18

Kultúrno-kreatívne centrum Kláštor Rožňava. Former monastery turning into... more

23.08.2019 17:59

Somewhere beyond Fiľakovo. Train is fine (superslow). I am traveling with a man... more

23.08.2019 14:26

Heading towards east. I hope scenarios of my favorite satirical site @zomrioffic... more

23.08.2019 08:52

Black fisherman repairing the net. To see this had somewhat calming effect on me... more

22.08.2019 23:49

Amazon is burning at unprecedented speed and I think of not only plants, but ani... more

22.08.2019 09:06

Raňajšia parkovačka na chodníku. Okoloidúci pána oslovil s tým že by nem... more

21.08.2019 09:59

Like Miha used to say, this is the time and cause when only mad dogs and English... more

20.08.2019 15:27

19.08.2019 23:43

I have spotted the next milestone. It feels chilly, dizzy and expansive. After a... more

18.08.2019 20:48

Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid. Markets truly are hearts of neighborhoods, but wh... more

18.08.2019 11:11

So we entered a closed cathedral and analyzed stone by stone. Marble from Verona... more

17.08.2019 22:51

Memory of the pine trees where I sat waiting for changing trains for Milan. Unde... more

17.08.2019 00:29

Fair enough, theme of my summer is definitely urban nature. Whether wild or cult... more

16.08.2019 13:17

Glimpse from a beautiful exhibition: the Black model. Museé D'Orsay, Paris, 201... more

15.08.2019 15:30

The world was obsessed with iron throne. I left home this summer and when I retu... more

15.08.2019 08:47

There are days when nothing goes as you understand and the more you try to make... more

14.08.2019 21:21

Train stations, airports and transfer places (my beloved places). While some peo... more

13.08.2019 13:51

Most of you know me only as a walker. But I work intensly on uncovering inequali... more

12.08.2019 17:26

Throwing spikes, tomahaws, trying archery (in the end paddleboard). Today electr... more

11.08.2019 22:13

London was measured one of the most creative cities due to rain (and people rath... more

10.08.2019 22:09

Every time the question looks like closure you are seeking to make yourself sure... more

10.08.2019 11:01

Brunch is ALWAYS a good idea.✨ this past Wednesday brunchin with my sister was... more

09.08.2019 21:21

When was the last time you saw a person drawing in the public space? #mwalker #c... more

08.08.2019 21:30

Two waters. Water falling down on lovers (although I get the poetry the actual r... more

08.08.2019 19:46

#Repost @milotathewalker • Home and familiar views. Lately started to prepare... more

07.08.2019 13:57

Inverted perspective of my work (place). Suddenly I found a strange aesthetics i... more

07.08.2019 10:03

Home and familiar views. Lately started to prepare topics for new season of our... more

06.08.2019 21:33

Domy na rohu majú pre orientáciu špeciálny význam. Spomeňte si na ikonick... more

06.08.2019 12:32

Toto nabrezie. Dunaj. Poklad mesta. #mwalker #bratislava #mesto #rieka #danube #... more

05.08.2019 18:21

Každý človek má v sebe zakódovaný typ krajiny, ku ktorému sa vracia. Mô... more

04.08.2019 09:40

Zo starých archivov. Polnočné slnko nad Lofotami v Nórsku. Dodnes je to jedn... more

03.08.2019 17:53

Step by step, practicing first steps with my god son David. He is a strong fella... more

02.08.2019 21:19

David, môj krstný syn a prvé lekcie urbanizmu! #mwalker #walking #bratislava... more

02.08.2019 19:14

Smell of summer green. heavy in my nostrils. We expect the storm today. #mwalker... more

02.08.2019 08:57

Akú Bratislavu bude poznať Meda? #mwalker #slovakia #bratislava #timepassing #... more

01.08.2019 22:13

dysfunctional icon and somewhat questionable placemaking. Home. Bratislava. #mwa... more

01.08.2019 18:44

Pospala som si. Keď som otvorila oči, zahliadla som ľudí v paralelnom vlaku,... more

31.07.2019 11:18

Love that ugly bridge. It is oversized, uncomfortable, but always connects such... more

30.07.2019 22:56

Milujem otvorené priestory. V archetypoch ľudí som iste nomád. Títo sú typ... more

30.07.2019 09:40

Fuu, a to auto je jeste tak vosklivy... Popoludnie a rozhovory s dobrym priatelo... more

27.07.2019 19:46

#Repost @milotathewalker • • • • • • Kvetinove luky v stromovke. Dá... more

27.07.2019 13:40

Kvetinove luky v stromovke. Dává zmysel, tam kde nie je cisto pobytova luka, v... more

27.07.2019 11:06

26.07.2019 21:31

My writer's shelter. Past days I am intensively working on comprehensive visioni... more

26.07.2019 18:19

Creative morning Prague in this lovely garden. Pity it is not public (it would... more

26.07.2019 11:57

Disappearing rivers. This will break your heart and I hope move you to action. #... more

26.07.2019 08:15